7 Winter Truck Maintenance Essentials

A truck will run great if it receives proper maintenance year-round. During winter, extra care is required to keep everything optimized for the new conditions. Pay attention to the following 7 things, and breakdowns will be minimized for any winter truck maintenance.

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1. Battery

The battery is going to be the first thing you should check before the winter season. If you already browse for international truck parts, then a battery will already be on the shopping list. You don`t want to go into winter with a battery that is close to (or has passed) its expiration date. It needs to hold a good charge, and always bring back optimal results from a voltage tester.

2. Fuel

Not all fuel is created equally among vehicles, and especially during the winter months. Untreated diesel fuel in cold weather is a good way to damage the fuel line. Winterized fuel is specifically made to prevent fuel issues such as fuel gelling, so take advantage of it as necessary.

3. Temperatures

A low temperature can create a cold soak in a diesel engine. This is when the fuel solidifies, and is common when the truck sits for more than a day. Depending on the model, there are fail safes for prevention, but driver should still avoid the problem altogether. Winterized fuel can help in this instance, but the best way to maintain the temperature of a sitting truck is with preparation. Before the day ends, prepare the truck for the next so that startup temperature isn`t an issue and don’t forget your dpf filter.

4. Tires

Drivers could fill a million books about tire and tire pressure issues. There are plenty of changes with tires during the winter weather, and neglecting any of them will cause serious problems. Don`t make it a habit of going into winter weather with old tires. Trying to squeeze out the last bit of value from old tires in winter conditions is asking for trouble. Think of tire maintenance as an added value to your vehicle rather than a sunk cost.

5. Wipers

When is the last time you changed your wipers? The thing about wipers is that when you`re in bad weather, it is already too late to change them. Keep a spare set, and change your old ones to take on the current winter weather.

6. Fluid Levels

Drivers should always top off fluid levels like antifreeze, washer fluid, coolant and any additives. You never know when an accident will happen while driving, and winter weather is particularly harsh on trucks. If something does happen that leads to a leak, a topped off truck will get you further than an unprepared vehicle.

7. Engine

An engine block heater looks weird to an outsider, but is essential for any truck driver. With an engine block heater, you can avoid cold soaks. It will also make the truck startup less stressful in extremely cold weather.

Protect Your Vehicle

Don`t let your vehicle fail when you need it the most. Plenty of trucks get tested during winter conditions, and it only takes one failed part to make your life miserable. Stay prepared, and winter will be another season in the day of your indestructible truck.