6 things you need to know before shipping a car

So you are planning on moving across the country and you are not sure how you are going to ship your car right? After all, you cannot just drive it that far, it would be an extremely uncomfortable journey. Well, one of the easiest ways to do it would be by hiring a professional car shipping company. Even if you are hiring a car shipping company, it is in your best interest to understand a few things about car shipping. Mainly so they cannot rip you off or anything. We are here to share with you 6 things that you should know before shipping a car.

6 things you need to know before shipping a car 2

1.         Know the company: -- Before you give your car away to strangers you need to learn about the company. By learning about the company, we mean doing proper research about everything the company does. Seeing how we have internet everywhere; it will not take much time to do the research.

Within just a few clicks you will be able to know about everything about the company. Read the reviews about the company, see how many people are happy with their service, how many people are unhappy with their service and why are they unhappy.

2.         Question them as much as possible: -- Experts advise that we should never hire a car shipping company based on their quote only. Avoid shopping on price, start shopping on reputation. You never know the company which might provide you with a low price does not include the insurance cost.

Most of the time, the shipping companies which charge less money have less customer-friendly insurance. So, before you finalize any deal with them, ask plenty of questions about the quote and everything so that you don`t get surprised later.

3.         Do not give any deposits: -- We recommend you do not hire any company that asks for a deposit before. Almost all the reputed companies will insist you on paying money after your car is delivered safely. After all, they are already taking your expensive car, why give them more money on top of it? Make sure that you pay only after you have received your car in the same condition it was shipped.

4.         Wash your car properly: -- Before sending off your car, you should clean it properly and there is a proper reason to do so. If only your car is clean, you will be able to see if there is any dents or scratches on the vehicle that might have happened during its delivery.

5.         Clean up inside of your car: -- One more thing to do before shipping your car is properly cleaning and organizing the inside of it as the car may be jostled. And everything inside your car like air fresheners, chargers, spare change might get tossed around inside your car. Also, do not forget to disable the car alarm.

6. Make sure you are present of the delivery day: -- Understand that shipping a car will take a much longer time compared to a package. So, discuss with your car shipping company well in advance so there is no problem with the date of delivery. Make sure that you are present at the location of delivery. In case you are out of station that day, have your neighbor or friend pick the car up for you.

Conclusion: --

There you go, these are the top 6 things you need to know before shipping a car. Make sure to keep all of these in mind and you will be fine. Good luck!