6 Signs Your Truck Needs Immediate Repair

Abide by this: your rig is your livelihood. And there is a good chance you will start appreciating the vehicle you spend most of your time in. Even if you are not the owner of the vehicle, caring about the truck and equipment will ensure optimal conditions and provide a safe ride. Scroll down to find out about the six signs your box truck needs immediate repair.

1. Going downhill is more difficult? It might be the engine!

If you feel that going downhill is not easy as it used to be — then there is a good chance that your engine might be suffering from low engine compression and needs immediate repair.

Fuel-based engines combine gas and air and spray the combination into the compression chambers where it is ignited, creating enough compression for the cylinders to power the vehicle to get it moving. And while there are several reasons why this might have happened — the prominent one being — blown head gasket. However, regardless of the reason for low compression — one of the easiest ways to find if there is trouble with cylinders is having difficulty while driving downhill.

If so, you immediately need to visit a service center to inspect the compression gauge. You can also purchase a kit and do this personally. And the only way to deal with low compression is to replace the leaking parts. The leaking parts could be anything — the piston, camshaft, or something else.

2. A sudden drop in the gas mileage

Again, there could be numerous reasons for the sudden drop in the gas mileage — and whatever it is — the low mileage is a sure indication that your vehicle needs attention. Here are some prominent causes of the drop in gas mileage:

  • Bad oxygen sensors and air filters: this affects the fuel efficiency by a great deal, thus affecting the overall combustion efficiency of the vehicle
  • Misfiring spark: another noteworthy reason for the sudden drop in the gas mileage is the spark plugs — causing a lack of power. In turn, diminishes fuel efficiency.
  • Leaking fuel injectors: even this affects the fuel mixture and can be a reason for the low combustion rate. Thus, decreasing the mileage by a considerable factor suddenly.
  • Oil quality: many times, a sudden drop in the mileage may be caused because of the low grade of the fuel.

Moreover, other things like cold weather or driving aggressively could also be reasons for a sudden drop in mileage. So, give attention to the factors and see a truck repair center if necessary.

3. Manual transmission shifting is difficult.

Manual transmissions are fun. But the fun takes a hit when the shifting becomes difficult. However, the reason for box truck repair is not reviving the fun. Rather the difficulty in shifting the manual transmission means your vehicle will be undrivable. So, if you are finding it challenging to shift the gears — specially 1st to 2nd — visit a repair center immediately.

There could be numerous reasons for finding it difficult to shift the manual transmission. Some are:

  • Damaged Master Cylinder: the clutch system in the trucks comprises many parts, like the clutch master cylinder, the clutch cover, the release cylinder, the release fork, and the release bearing — and if any of these components break down — it becomes to shift the gears.
  • Damaged Gears: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and reverse gear — all of these make the gear system. And damage to any of these can affect the gear system severely.
  • Damaged Hub Sleeve: these find their application in synchronizing the sleeves; however, sometimes while shifting the gears, the hub sleeves will be shifted — losing the synchronization.
  • Low Level of Transmission Fluid or Gear Oil: manual transmission vehicles require a regular change of the transmission fluid. Yes, the new automobiles do not demand that much renewal of the transmission fluid. But there could be instances where the transmission fluid might be leaking. One of the best indicators of insufficient transmission fluid is noise. You will hear a lot of rackets while shifting gears. So, if that is the case — visit a truck service center — and ask for a replacement (depending on the manufacturer`s provision).

4. Doors, locks, and hoods have become stiff.

Winters are hell in Canada. And it is in winters that the moisture could seep into locks, hinges, and seals of the box truck and put you in adverse conditions. So, if you find it difficult to open the doors, open the engine hood, and so on — you should immediately opt for truck repair centers.

5. Your truck doesn`t take turns as smoothly.

If you are experiencing difficulty making turns or navigating bridges — it is an indication that your tires need replacing. One of the biggest mistakes that truck drivers make is waiting to replace the tires. However, it is not something that you can wait for. Depending on the asphalt conditions, the tires will burn more rapidly. So, it is always a good idea to change them as soon as there is a decline in stability.

6. The color of the air from the exhaust is changed

Of course, most often truck drivers could not pay attention to this on their own. But do ask someone to see the color of the exhaust`s air. If you find a change in color — black or blue — it is time to visit a repair center immediately. A change in exhaust color means there is a problem with the engine.