6 Signs Your Car Oil Needs Changing

Most people know their cars need to have their oil changed periodically. However, they may not necessarily know the signs that indicate their vehicle needs this service faster than normal. It`s vital to watch out for these signals to keep your car running smoothly. You can easily get an oil change, American Fork residents, and when you do, you`ll ensure your vehicle continues getting you where you need to go. Let`s discuss some of the more obvious signs that your car is due for a car oil change right now.

Oil Change On A 1995 Ford Windstar 1

More Mileage Than Normal

One sign that some car owners overlook doesn`t necessarily have to do with a noise, smell, or some other aspect of the vehicle that you can detect with your senses. You may simply be driving the car more these days than you usually do.

Most older cars need their oil changed every 3,000 miles, while newer ones can sometimes go for 6,000 miles before they need this service. What if you`re putting a lot more miles on the vehicle than you typically do, though?

If so, consider moving up the oil change timetable. You can also check your vehicle`s service manual to see how often it recommends that you do it.

You`re Noticing Exhaust Smoke

Your exhaust system should not be producing smoke. If you see smoke rising from the vehicle`s tailpipe when you`re driving it, that is a sure indication that it`s time for an oil change. You may also have faulty engine parts, so make sure a qualified mechanic checks on that for you.

An Oily Smell in the Car

You may start noticing an oily smell inside the car when you`re driving it around. You might also detect that same smell when you approach the vehicle. That`s not normal, and it probably means you need an oil change.

Your Oil is Dirty or Dark

You should check your oil periodically to see what it looks like. This is not difficult for drivers to do. You can watch some useful videos that will show you how to do it.

When you check your oil, you may notice that it`s dark or dirty. That means it`s due for a change. Your oil should be an amber color. You can check your car`s engine oil every month or so, depending on how many miles you`re putting on it.

The Engine is Knocking or Making Other Noises

The engine knocking or making other unusual noises probably indicates you`re in line for a motor oil change as soon as possible. Those noises mean the oil is no longer providing the protective coating between engine parts that the delicate components need. Fresh oil should fix that.

The Oil Change Light or Check Engine Light Comes On

The check engine light or the oil change light coming on could mean your vehicle is trying to tell you it needs an oil change. Many modern cars give you these visual indications, and if that happens, you should never ignore them.