5 Surprising Facts About the Trucking Lifestyle Everyone Should Know

People see them almost every day on the road. They switch lanes to pass them, rushing to get to their retail location. Rarely do they consider that the trucks they pass are responsible for stocking shelves with the products they want. The truck industry plays a critical role in the US economy, but many people know little about the people driving the semis they see each day. As such, the trucking lifestyle is mysterious to most.

It’s not easy to drive a truck for a living. To help people appreciate these workers more, we’ve included five surprising facts about truckers that you’re sure to find interesting. Read on to learn more!

1. Semi Engines Cannot Speed

This is one of those trucking facts that very few people know. Have you ever gotten frustrated with trucks on the road that always seems to go too slow? It turns out that’s not the driver’s fault.

Most shipping companies provide an internal speed cap for trucks. Some trucks can’t go any faster than 70 mph.

2. The Trucking Lifestyle Means Lots Of Time Away From Home

Truckers often spend much less time at home throughout the year than they spend away from home. On average, a trucker typically gets to come home every four to six weeks. Some factors may allow them to come home more often, such as doing short hauls or working for a station near their house.

Regardless of what type of deliveries they run, truckers make a tremendous sacrifice for their jobs. It takes determination and commitment to do this work.

3. Trucking Contributes Significantly To The US Economy

The US trucking industry is the largest revenue source for the US economy. The most recent findings show that the industry’s revenue broke $700 billion.

What does this mean? In short, it means that the nation relies tremendously on the trucking industry. Without it, stores could not function, and you could not receive packages on time.

4. Truckers Use a GPS Like the Rest of Us

These days, many people rely on a GPS to get anywhere, even places in their own towns. It turns out truckers utilize these tools as much as anybody else.

Think about it. Truckers spend their days making long deliveries, often driving to locations hundreds of miles away that they’ve never been to.

To make their deliveries on time, they rely on specialized GPS technology. You can learn more about this technology in this article.

5. There Are Several Open Trucking Jobs

Despite the pre-eminent role that trucking plays in the economy, the industry has a shortage of workers. Most drivers in the industry are middle-aged, and there is a high turnover rate. If you’re looking for a well-paying job with lots of travel, maybe you can fill an opening!

The Trucking Lifestyle Is Complex

We hope you enjoyed these truck facts! The trucking lifestyle is much more complicated than people realize. If these things appeal to you, you may consider working as a trucker.

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