5 Simple Ways to Infuse Character Into Your Car

As the main means of getting most of us around, our cars can`t help but become an extension of our identity in some ways. Whether it`s the boy racer in his souped-up Renault Clio, or the executive`s slick Mercedes, we often like to make our cars an extension of our personalities. If you don`t have the budget for a batmobile or the mechanical nous to fix up a vintage Beetle though, there are still ways in which to transform any ordinary car with one of the ways to infuse character.

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Repaint For a Completely Different Look

The first thing anybody notices about a car is the colour. Bright neon shades, or interesting colour combinations can really turn heads. Take a look at the cars you see the next time you go for a drive. You`ll probably be surprised by just how few colours and tones are used by manufacturers.

While there are plenty of places that can do this for you, it`s worth checking for a quote beforehand. Repainting is not cheap, and will generally set you back around £3,000. The whole car needs to be sanded back, with many parts disassembled. Those on a smaller budget can still make a big difference by just having bumpers or wing mirrors resprayed.

Opt for a Private Plate

There are thousands of different registration plates available, so you`re almost certain to be able to find something personal to you. A private plate instantly makes any car more personalised. The best thing is, that you can transfer it to your next car when the time comes to say goodbye to your current vehicle too.

Wrap Up

For those looking for a dramatically different look, a full wrap is far cheaper than a repaint. Done well, you`d be hard pushed to tell the difference between the two. The lower price comes at the cost of less durability, but when you can often have your car wrapped twice for the same price of one repaint, many plump for this option.

Pimp Out the Interior

So many of us neglect our car`s interiors and make do with how it looked when it rolled out of the factory. This is a shame when there are almost limitless ways in which to really make your mark on a car.

You can choose to go all out and wallpaper the interior, or simply add some different seat covers and furry dice, it`s really up to you. I`ve seen some cars even boast a variety of houseplants inside. 

While ideas like this look can look amazing, be careful to only implement features that won`t cause problems in the event of an accident. The last thing you want when you`re rear-ended, is to have a plant pot hurtling at your head.

The Devil`s in the Decals

We`ve all seen countless decal stickers on the boot of cars. Usually they`ll tell us where the car owner has been on holiday, or how much they dislike others tailgating them. 

If you take inspiration from some vintage VW campervan owners however, you can arrange a decal sticker collage that looks striking.

If you struggle to find any stickers that you like, try popping into your local sign makers or looking online: you can have any design made into a decal of pretty much whatever size you like.

The next time you get in your car, ask yourself how much personality it`s showing, and treat it to a bit of a makeover. Even the smallest changes can make a huge difference!