5 of the Easiest Ways to Modify a Car

Let’s face it: getting a new car can feel very exciting, but will it always arrive exactly as you want it? Sometimes, it takes a bit of customization for your new motor to feel truly “yours” -- much like a new smartphone isn’t quite “yours” until you’ve changed its wallpaper or given it a case.  While, unsurprisingly, tinkering with a car isn’t quite as easy as customizing a handset, some modifications are certainly much easier than others. Here are some of the simplest changes to make when you have an idea to modify a car.

5 of the Easiest Ways to Modify a Car 2


Arguably, replacing the wheels is the easiest way of changing up a car. The Red Bull website certainly has that sentiment, insisting: “When modifying a car, you want impact. Wheels will give you that -- they’re the single most effective way of getting a reaction.”

That’s presumably the same kind of reaction you would get if you drunk Red Bull and subsequently grew wings. Still, the beverage brand acknowledges that your choice of wheel does play a part…


Do you think that your car has a lot of plastic on it? It’s not a bad thing -- as, to use an apt metaphor, you can often remove and replace plastic parts of your vehicle, including its grille and bumpers, as though they were Lego bricks. Therefore, making changes here is delightfully simple.

Perhaps you could swap around your vehicle’s front and rear bumpers, or replace a honeycomb grille with a slatted one -- or even a customized one, for a dramatic but non-tacky look.


Key to the appeal of customising a car is the ready availability of aftermarket parts -- and exhausts are no exception. You might be able to find a readymade exhaust that fits into your automobile’s existing system just fine. If not, other companies could fabricate a new, custom exhaust for you.

Alternatively, you could uprate your existing exhaust -- whether though sorting out just the black box near the vehicle’s rear or overhauling the entire exhaust system.

Audio system

Improving the in-car audio can involve anything from a modest upgrade to a monstrously ambitious new audio system complete with new speakers and digital face. Just keep in mind that speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers can all directly affect how much you pay to insure your car.

Fortunately, you could always look into modified car insurance from a specialist insurer who, compared to a traditional insurer, is more understanding about your appetite for beefed-up sound or other car modifications.


Are you sitting comfortably? It’s a question worth asking both right now and while you are sat in your car. If you would love the feel of leather on your back, for example, you could add some new seat covers, which are made for both front and back seats, enthuses Carponents.

Of course, rather than just dressing up your existing seats more nicely, you could replace them altogether. Admittedly, the exact ease of this will depend on the replacement seats. Ideally, you want such seats that have just the right mounts for your vehicle.