5 Great Ways To Heat A Garage In Winter

We all have heaters in our home and use them to their full capacity when winters arrive. The first reason for this is that we spend most of our time inside our house. However, what many people fail to acknowledge is that the notion of home extends to the garage as well. Then why do we not ensure that the garage is kept warm as well in the winters? Here are a few ways and techniques you can consider to heat a garage.

5 Great Ways To Heat A Garage In Winter 1

The certain answer to that will never be known. However, if you`re someone who ends up spending a good amount of your time in the garage and is starting to find the place a bit chilly, or generally want to keep your garage warm, then you`re at the right place.

Ensuring that your garage is heated is of utmost importance if you want to reap the most benefits of it in the winters. Note that before you begin, you should have your garage insulated to retain the warmth and heat.

  1. Infrared heaters

The first benefit that these heaters provide is that they don`t necessarily require ventilation. The reason for that is that the mechanism of heating in the infrared heater is different from another type of heaters.

Infrared heaters are analogous to the sun, i.e. they send out their respective heated rays and head up the object on contact. Normal heaters, in comparison, heat the air which is why ventilation is very important for their effective use.

These heaters are powered by propane, natural gas or electricity. For maximal results, it`s best to have them facing your workstation since they don`t normally heat the whole place.

  1. Wood-burning stove

As opposed to the option mentioned above, wood-burning stoves require ventilation since the heat they produce is generally dissipated in the air and warms up the air instead of tangible objects, such as those in your workstation.

The collective process is quite laborious since you might be required to add wood after a particular amount of time. However, the upside to this is that the fuel for these stoves, which is wood, is plentiful and cheap and you don`t generally have to worry about rising prices or availability.

Furthermore, if you`re familiar with axes and chainsaws, you won`t even have to worry about buying wood! To add more flavor and ambiance to the garage, you can also add garage floor mats.

  1. Air heaters

These heaters are very easy to install and are prevalent in colder climates since they heat their designated space relatively quickly. Since this type of heater directs its flow in a particular direction and doesn`t propagate evenly, they are more practical for non-constant use.

Downsides to this type of heater are that they`re not economically feasible and in the long run are likely to be a bad investment.

5 Great Ways To Heat A Garage In Winter 2

  1. Natural gas heater

A definite way to keep your garage warm, natural gas heaters are the go-to option for many people due to their simplicity. Requiring ventilation, these heaters run on a constant supply of natural gas which can either be obtained from an individual tank or a separate gas line.

  1. Heat radiation via water pipes

Concerning all the feasible options, this option pays off the most in the long run. This process requires a good amount of capital investment and skilled labor since you`ll be installing water pipes in the walls, ceiling and the floor of the garage. Once done, hot water will flow through them.

This will eventually lead to the transfer of heat into the surrounding and the subsequent heating of the garage that is intended. Quite economical in the long run, this process should be considered only if you`re willing to put in the effort since you need to ensure that the pipes are fixed and run perfectly.

Furthermore, due to the way that they operate, these heaters re-heat a place slowly. Hence, keeping the respective properties in mind, these heaters work best if you direct them directly to your workstation, or someplace you find yourself often in your garages, such as your working desk or bench.