5 Awesome Ways to Make Money With Your Car

Did you know that nearly half of Americans have a side hustle? If you need some extra cash, there are many things you can do to earn a little more on top of your monthly pay packet. Almost everyone in American owns a car. But, there is also a demand for car rentals around the country. Check out our ideas for how to make money with your car. Let’s get started below!

5 Awesome Ways to Make Money With Your Car 1

1. Cover Your Vehicle is Ads

Are you always driving in your car? You could be making money at the same time as driving on the roads.

Many companies would pay you to wrap your vehicle with ads. This could be anything from selling a new soda brand to promoting car insurance.

You can simply drive around forgetting that you have a billboard pinned to the side of your vehicle. You can even earn cash on your commute to work.

Remember, the money that you can make from a moving billboard depends on the size of your vehicle. If you only drive around in a small vehicle, you won’t get as much as a four-wheel drive.

2. Become an Independent Taxi Driver 

You probably already feel like a private tax driver at times. When you’re running your kids everywhere around town.

But, what if you could get paid to drive people around? There are numerous apps, such as Uber or Lyft, where you can simply jump in and get started.

You may even be driving to the same destination as your customer. That’s easy money in your pocket. You may need to look at finding a title loan to get started.

3. Rent Your Car Out at the Airport

Are you planning on going on vacation this year? When you drive to the airport for your flight, you can take a hit when you need to pay for parking.

But, what if you could earn money while you’re sitting on the beach and basking in the sunshine? With FlightCar, you can get free parking

But, if anyone chooses to rent out your vehicle you’re away, you can earn even more. Every mile they drive on the road is more cash in the bag.

4. Rent Out Your Vehicle in Working Hours

When you’re working your day job, your car is probably parked up doing nothing. But, you could be cashing in on your vehicle.

There are many ways to rent out your vehicle while you’re in your nine to five. Just make sure it’s ready for you when you get back.

5. Help People Move Heavy Objects 

If you have a pickup truck, you could be earning money helping people transport their large objects from one place to another.

This could be by renting out your truck to someone else. Or, simply driving and helping them move the items yourself.

How to Make Money With Your Car?

Now you know make money with your car without much effort. Your vehicle doesn’t need to be used by you constantly.

That’s why when you’re not using it, you should be looking at ways to benefit financially.

Do you want to know more about making money? Check out our other articles on our personal finances blog for more content.