4 Things You Can Do With Non Running Junk Car

It can be a major eyesore to have a non-running car sitting in your driveway or on your lawn. It can make your space more cluttered and make you put off finding a solution. Your car might be regarded as a non running junk car if it is no longer operational. You might be considering what to do with your car if it stops working. There are a number of possibilities you might want to think about, depending on your financial situation, the resources available to you, and the number of days you want to invest in the project. The majority of the time, car owners select one of the following five options.

Sell the car

Even if your car isn’t working, it might still be repairable and marketable. If you choose to go this route, be sincere when listing the car on online sites. Inform potential buyers that it doesn’t run and describe any problems you think it may have. It might be picked up by someone who is good with cars to fix and use. 

Alternately, some mechanics or used car dealers are eager to purchase used vehicles that they can fix up and resell. When considering this route you will want to contact someone in the vicinity as most of the time even transporting the junk car can be priced, so the fewer the distance the lower the cost will be. For example, if you live in Philadelphia, consider services that will allow you to sell your junk car in Philadelphia or surrounding areas, also remember that significant mechanical issues can lower the price of the vehicle quite a bit. 

Consider donating it

It can take a long time to sell a car because you have to place ads, respond to e-mails, and meet with people interested in buying the car. This may not be worth it as sometimes the car price can be low, and all of this effort can just go to waste.

In these situations, you might want to think about donating your vehicle. When you give a car to a registered charity, you can deduct the fair market value of the car from your federal tax return. However, in some cases, if the charity sells the car, you might only be able to deduct the amount for which the car was sold.

Be aware that some charities won’t take non-running vehicles. Try finding a charity that revolves around fixing cars in order to increase your chances of them accepting your vehicle.

Contact the nearest junkyard

Another option is to junk your car. The junkyard may take working parts from your car depending on its condition, or it may simply crush the whole thing and salvage the metal.

In the first scenario, the junkyard might give you a small payment for your car. However, in other circumstances, you might have to pay the junkyard to take the car.

You might want to get in touch with a few local junkyards to make sure you get the best deal. Do not forget to ask about vehicle transportation. If a tow truck is required to move your car to the junkyard, the selling price may be reduced or the fee you pay to have the car removed by the junkyard may increase.

Transform it into art

Finally, you might want to keep your old car and incorporate it into your landscaping, especially if it is a classic or has other visual quality. Many people imagine wrecked cars on cinder blocks when they think of keeping old cars on their properties, but that shouldn’t be the case for your car.

In fact, many creative people have transformed a variety of wrecked antique cars into entertaining flower pots. In this instance, make sure to drain all gas and liquids before using flowers, herbs, and other plants to your creative advantage.

Final thoughts 

If you consider using your old car to the maximum amount, it might still be able to earn you some money or assist a person in need. If you want to make money off your old car, donate it to a good cause or think about the ways of getting rid of it mentioned above.