4 Things to Know before Purchasing a Used Dirt Bike

Is getting yourself a used dirt bike worth it? This is one of the common questions that crosses every buyer’s mind before purchasing a dirt bike, and rightly so. Purchasing an old dirt bike is a great option to save money, especially if you’re new to the sport and need to keep your investments minimal. You can use the saved money to buy important protective gear like a helmet, body armour and boots. To ensure you make the right decision, we have discussed four tips that will help you a lot. 

So read on!

4 Things to Know before Purchasing a Used Dirt Bike 1

Set a budget

Setting a budget lets you know what bikes currently fall under your budget and if they are worth buying. If not, you can consider waiting for a few months and buy a bike in good condition instead of investing a few bucks on a used bike, which will dent your pockets soon. 

Research Well

Doing the research gives you an understanding of the bike type that`s best for you. You can be sure of the various models and brands, the bike`s condition, and the number of miles it has covered. Once you’ve done the research and specified the criteria to yourself, you can browse websites like Gumtree, Bike sales, and Facebook to see if the bikes available meet your criteria or do you need to adjust your expectations according to your budget. 

Seek Answers

It’s imperative to do your homework, prepare questions regarding the bike`s condition and ask the seller. The answers will help you understand the bike’s past, such as its performance and service requirements. If you’re confused about what to ask, use the below questions: 

  • Why are you selling the bike? 
  • How frequently does the oil need to be changed? 
  • Any damage history of the engine?
  • What is the runtime of the engine (in hours)?
  • Any damage history for the suspension?

Check the bike

During the inspection, pay special attention to these areas: 

Chain & sprockets

The first thing you need to inspect is the condition of the chain and sprockets. A professional biker would always ensure that the sprockets & chains are in good condition. So, if you notice worn down chains and sprockets, that is an obvious red flag. 


Dust can easily find its way to the motor and jam it, if the airbox and filter aren’t clean enough. A dirty airbox with an absent well-oiled filter is a big No-No. 

Usage Signs

It’s always advisable to check the bike for usage signs and see if it matches the number of hours claimed by the seller. For example, if the seller claims that the vehicle is 24 hours old, but you notice that the frame, brake, and gear lever hammered really bad, then it’s a red flag. The wheels must be perfectly-aligned without any severe dents.

Oil & coolant levels

The oil & coolant level of your bike gives you an idea about its service life. Check if the coolant is in optimal condition and the bike is fueled sufficiently. 

Ignition and starting it

Ensure that the ignition is smooth and the bike starts easily. Notice if there are any vibrations, weird sounds, or rattling while starting it. It would help if you request the seller for a test drive. This would give you the best idea of the bike’s functioning and enable you to take the final call. 

Wrapping Up

Refer to the tips mentioned in this article to ensure you buy the best bike within your budget. Moreover, it would be best to have knowledge of the bike parts while purchasing a used bike. If you don’t have it, we suggest involving a dirt bike expert in the buying process.