4 Reasons To Import Your Next Car From Japan

Plenty of thought goes into the purchase decision of cars. Car enthusiasts want the best bang for their buck and a car that will turn heads when it runs on the street. That’s why many people prefer importing their cars from Japan. Japanese cars are known for their intricate design and top-notch technology. Even the used cars are in such a top condition that it would be difficult to distinguish them from brand new cars. No wonder Australia imported $13.7B worth of vehicles from Japan in 2020. Thanks to the abundant sources of information available on the internet, importing a car has become easier. If you don’t know how to import a car from Japan, you can consult a car import company that will help you through the process. You need to search for the car manufacturer and the model you want, and you will be presented with plenty of options at different prices. If you are still wondering if it’s more feasible to import a car, here are the top 4 reasons why you must import your next car from the country. 

  1. Wide Availability of Used Cars

It’s widely known that Japan offers the lowest pricing for used cars in Asia. As new car models are constantly introduced in the country, people sell the existing vehicles to buy newer models. That’s why there is an enormous amount of used cars available, and that is why Japanese cars are available at the lowest prices. As more and more people opt to buy newer models, the number of users is increasing rapidly, and hence a big part of these used cars is sold overseas at lower prices.

It’s also very difficult to maintain an old car. The vehicle owners often have to pay hefty registration and inspection fees as long as they have possession of their vehicle. Someone might argue as to why they don’t just send the old vehicle to a junkyard? They have to pay enormous fees to dispose of their car in a junkyard. So, to get the best ROI from their car, they choose to sell their vehicles at lower prices than paying hefty fees.

  1. You Get to Enjoy Automotive Masterpieces

Japan is a geographically smaller country, but it is densely populated. That means the automotive industry has to develop innovative ways to make cars that offer greater functionality with minimum footprint. Japanese car manufacturers innovate their cars to make them more compact, rugged, and visually appealing. Many companies also develop innovative solutions to make their vehicles environment-friendly and fuel-efficient. You get to enjoy these features when you import a car.

  1. Used Cars are in Top Condition

Though most people who import cars go for newer models, there is a massive demand for old ones. Japanese people are more careful and vigilant about their possessions. They use their cars with great care. Therefore it is easier to find used cars in excellent condition. Even the used cars look as good as new and have all the parts in top condition.

One more factor that keeps used cars in good condition is the country’s rigorous vehicle testing standards. The government takes it very seriously to inspect used cars and their condition. There are different reasons to do that. Reducing the environmental impact of used cars and making the roads safer and accident-free are some reasons behind that. Therefore you should consider buying used cars along with newer models.

  1. Straightforward Import Process

The process of importing cars is relatively straightforward. You can import your desired car model even if you don’t know how to import a car from Japan. There are many intermediaries that can help you find your desired car model and import it on your behalf. You just need to provide your preferred car model and brand, and they present various options in different price ranges.

Importing a car from Japan has a lot of benefits. You save a lot of money and get to enjoy the finest craftsmanship of Japanese automotive technology. These are enough reasons why you should import your next car from Japan.