4 Dangerous Routes for Accidents Involving Commercial Trucks in the USA 

Driving is a pretty demanding job. It`s why governments across continents create laws and rules not only to regulate the job but to help maintain road safety for all. In Arizona, all commercial truck drivers are required to complete only 11 hours of continuous driving. Because they drive big trucks for a living, truckers have to make sure they get enough rest and help maintain their health. It’s also to keep them out of trouble and prevent accidents in the course of everyday truck driving. Even so, there are still highways and roadways considered accident-prone areas all over the United States. Sometimes these vehicular accidents are already beyond the control of drivers. 

These hazardous routes are known for a variety of factors that contribute to trucking accidents.

Most Dangerous Commercial Trucking Routes in the U.S.

  1. Phoenix`s Piece of U.S. Route 60

The original transcontinental U.S. Route 60 highway that ran through Phoenix, Arizona, is now called the Superstition Freeway. It`s named after the Superstition Mountains, where the now 6-lane freeway is located. But superstition or not, this east stretch of U.S. Route 60 is considered one of the most dangerous routes for commercial trucking accidents.

The multi-lane roads and the vast desert along the way distract and encourage truck drivers to accelerate even more. Even with the 65 mph speed limit set by the city government, drivers still opt to pay the fine rather than drive at the required speed. Most commercial truck accidents in these places happen because the driver was either going too fast or not paying attention.

It’s a given that no matter how careful you are, there`s always the chance that you get into road accidents. It’s particularly the case if you`re on U.S. Route 60 going through the Phoenix freeway. If you’re not careful, you might get dragged into a legal dispute and think you`re alone without help.

However, you have experts who can help you. Phoenix and Arizona have more than capable attorneys to help you in these cases. You can reach out to a Phoenix truck accident lawyer the soonest to assist and hasten your claims for justice and compensation.

  1. Colorado`s Route 550

Many truck drivers believe that Colorado 550, often known as the Million Dollar Highway, is the most hazardous road in the state to drive on during the winter months. From New Mexico to Colorado, Route 550 travels a total distance of 305 miles and reaches an elevation of 11,000 feet at its highest point.

Some described it as one of the most scenic and memorable drives they had ever experienced. It is, in fact, a commercial route with steep, unprotected cliffs that has claimed many lives over the years.

It’s a historical highway connecting Ouray and Silverton. It passes through a number of small adventure towns as well as abandoned mining communities that make the drive well worth its dangerous twists and turns.

  1. Georgia`s Interstate 285

This highway, once reported as having the worst traffic bottleneck in the country, is in Atlanta, Georgia. The city’s overcrowded in-town roadways and poor public transit force many people to travel on this highway daily. It`s a roadway that borders Smyrna, Forest Park, Tucker, Sandy Springs, and Dunwoody`s busy suburbs.

It`s the Atlanta bypass, where non-local drivers trying to skate around the city may not be prepared for traffic difficulties and obstructions. The world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, is close to the highway, which is another reason why it gets crowded or congested.

Drivers of large trucks and freight trucks, as well as vacationers and airline passengers, prefer to go around the city rather than through it. Wishing to avoid the likelihood of being involved in a mishap. But, most of the time, when drivers of both light and heavy vehicles take this route, they get too comfortable and overspeed, which is usually the cause of accidents.

  1. Connecticut`s Interstate 95

Interstate 95 is a significant roadway that runs the length of the east coast from north to south. It’s risky to drive on this highway in practically any state along its route. Some studies showed that this route in Connecticut has claimed approximately 44 fatalities per 100 miles.

Accidents that led to fatalities in this roadway stretch were mostly attributed to over-speeding or distracted driving. Drivers are known to drive faster than they should on these dangerous freeways.