After 31 Years This Classic VW Bus Starts Breathing Again!

These days it is popular to find old and abandoned vehicles in yards and re-live them again. At times, you might be able to find a true GEM, but often the vehicles are in terrible condition and require great work to be turned back to life. In the following video you are about to see that i.e. the classic VW bus found in a yard. The condition in which they find the bus is terrible, it is rusted all over. The guys try to open the windows at first and they seem to manage so. Next, using a pump they inflate the tires, which surprisingly seem to be just fine after all these years.

Then they load the classic VW bus and take it back to their workshop. This is where the real deal begins. Using a high-compression blower, they blow off all the dust and dirt stuck into the engine. After wiring the bus, it takes multiple attempts to get the engine running, but after awhile they manage to start it. This is the first time the engine was seen running for a long period of time. What do you think, will they be able to restore it completely?

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