3 Smart Tips to Help You Score the Best Used Car

Purchasing a used car allows you to have your dream vehicle for a considerably lesser price than new ones. However, they may come with some notable risks, as well. Now, choosing the best used car is the key to lessen any risk that goes with used vehicle. Here are three smart tips to help you choose the right used car.

Know its market value.

Learning about the car`s market value is your first step when buying used cars. You should at least have an idea of a ballpark figure of the car you want to buy. You can ask help from your well-experienced dealer from Saint John used cars to get the correct values.

To know more about the used car`s value, obtain vital information, including the details of the car`s model, make, year, and mileage. This information will help you know if your target car has a reasonable price or not.

Assess the car thoroughly.

The overall condition of the used car is the primary factor when buying one. A well-managed and maintained vehicle will make a car worth buying, while a less maintained one can cost you more in the end. Here are additional points on how to properly assess a used car:

  • Check if the seats are still comfortable to sit on.
  • Inspect the interiors of the used car, including the condition of the ceiling, floors, and doors. Check for any stains, tears, or discolorations.
  • Assess the car`s exterior. See if there are any major bumps, dents, scratches, or signs of repairs in the paint, trim, and bumpers.
  • Check all the car lights, tires, and even the muffler.
  • Assess the smell of the car. Sniff for any signs of cigarette smoke, gas leak, or mold infestation.
  • Examine the engine. A dirty engine is an obvious sign of a poorly maintained vehicle. Inspect the oil level and if there are any cracks on the belts or hoses.

Go for a test drive.

Going for a test drive is not just going to check if you like your dream car or not. It is doing a serious check on how the used car behaves while on the road. Here are some points to consider when taking your target used car for a spin:

  • Assess if the power windows, seats, and steering work properly.
  • Observe the heat and air conditioning. Check if the temperature inside the car can adapt well to the temperature outside. You don`t want to be soaking in sweat on a hot summer day while driving inside your car, right?
  • Know how the used car reacts in stressful situations like performing fast turns, sudden acceleration, deceleration, or stopping.
  • Listen to the sound of the engine. Take note that a smooth hum indicates a conditioned one. A knocking sound may signal that there is a part that needs repair.
  • Test the brakes. Listen for any sound that may indicate metal-to-metal friction or grinding.
  • Monitor the color of the smoke that comes from the exhaust.

Takeaway Thought

Many people are now choosing to buy used cars rather than purchasing new ones. The journey of buying a used car has its fair share of challenges but, keeping these three smart tips in mind will help you score a win-win deal at a reasonable price. Also, if you have uncertainties, feel free to ask the experts at your local dealer, Saint John used cars for assistance. Who knows? You might just be driving your dream car tomorrow, right?

Author: Darshan Shah