3 Legal Steps to Take When You Get or Have a Motorcycle Injury

If you love your motorbike, all the statistics on accidents and the risk of death will not put you off riding your bike. You accept that there are risks when you straddle a piece of metal and ride off at potentially higher speeds than your car.In 2017, there were nearly 90,000 injuries associated with bike accidents. In real terms, what does that mean for you? It means a motorcycle accident and possibly a motorcycle injury are inevitable at some point in your riding career.

3 Legal Steps to Take When You Get or Have a Motorcycle Injury 1

So the streetwise rider will want to make sure they know exactly what to do if they have an accident. That is what this article is about. You will read about 3 important legal steps you should take.

Knowing these 3 steps is as important as putting on your helmet before you get on your bike.

1. Capture the Scene

You are your own best witness and you are the first on the scene. If you are able, take photos using your mobile phone of everything. That includes your bike, yourself, the other vehicle and driver, as well as the road and any other elements of the scene that will be useful later.

Capturing the scene also means canvassing other witnesses if they are available. Try to appeal to them for their help. If possible ask them for their contact details.

Even though some people may not want to get involved, you may be surprised how keen some people`s sense of justice is. Particularly if they have been a victim in the past. If the police attend the scene, make sure you get the officer`s name and number.

2. Formally Document Your Motorcycle Injury

Seek medical attention immediately. Make sure you are thoroughly assessed and get formal copies of the results. You cannot go back in time and repeat this part of the process, so do not put it off, even if you don`t feel up to it. 

Be diligent to document any other injuries that may develop later. You may experience pain, headaches, or even post-traumatic stress. Note this, and visit your doctor as soon as possible to record these post-accident symptoms.

3. Initiate Your Claim

In the first instance, this may mean getting in touch with the other person`s (at-fault party) insurance company to state that you are claiming against their insurance. You will be given a claim number, so make sure you keep this.

Of course, depending on the circumstances and the other party, you may need to engage bicycle accident attorneys who will give you the professional support you need. Once you have got your claim number, you do not need to settle your case until you have recovered from your injuries, so don`t give in to pressure.

Do You Need Help?

In this article, you have read about 3 important legal steps that you can follow when you have a motorcycle injury. Follow these steps and you will put yourself into a good position to get the maximum claim you are entitled to.

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