2500HP Nissan GTR vs. 2500HP Lamborghini Huracan!

With the massive growth of the car industry, cars are made completely differently that they were used to be made just couple of years ago. What does this mean? Well, to begin with there are changes in the overall look on the car. Furthermore, cars that are made today are much more powerful and you can have your daily drive to be much faster than any racing cars just couple of decades ago. Hereby, in this video we check out two super cars 2500HP Nissan GTR vs. 2500HP Lamborghini Huracan, that anyone can recognize going head to head in this ultimate battle.

2500HP Nissan GTR vs 2500HP Lamborghini Huracan 2

We are talking about the mighty Nissan GTR that has whooping 2500 HP and the green beast, the UGR Lamborghini Huracan that also has massive 2500 HP. Their owners guide us through some aspects of the cars, but then it is time for the real fun. At first they run couple of qualifying rounds and the 2500HP Nissan GTR does something amazing even at this race. It sets a new record for the highest speed at the New Texas Invitational by going 230 MPH.

But then it was time for the real fun and the ultimate battle unlike any you have seen so far. As both of the cars can be seen taking up their spots at the track, everyone is intense and anticipates the race. Just couple of seconds after they can be seen speeding over the track struggling to get the win.

Make sure to check out the whole video and find out who won this ultimate battle!