2017 V12 Aston Martin Vantage S Coming With Manual Transmission!

Good news come for all of you manual transmission geeks! The new V12 Aston Martin is coming to the States with a 7 speed manual transmission! This car has already been available with a six speed transmission few years ago. Now, the history repeats itself!

2017 V12 Aston Martin Vantage S 4

2017 V12 Aston Martin Vantage S 3

And there is even more to this! The 2017 V12 Aston Martin is equipped with a dogleg box! Meaning, shifting in first gear will be left and down! The throttle-blipping is less traditional as downshifts will be much smoother! New for the Aston Martin are the exterior and interior designs! Check it out in the gallery below!

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