2015 Mini Superleggera Vision Concept at 2014 Paris Motor Show!

In order to create this awesome and flawless looking sports car, Mini design team have teamed up with the masters for design and small cars, the Italians who were behind the Touring Superleggera, one of the most legendary small sports car that was originally created in 1926. The firm was closed in 1966, and has remain that way until 2006, when certain financial investors were willing to put some money in it. And I got to tell you that I`m happy that it happened, because without it, we would not be looking at this stunningly beautiful 2015 Mini Superleggera Vision concept.

Yes, it does look like a girly car a little, but do not make the mistake and take it for granted just because of that, it is also pretty powerful little nut. It has a minimalist design, with a long hood and relatively long wheelbase and with bodylines characteristically found in other Superleggeras. The windshield is aesthetically wrapped around the corners, the rear end is bursting with elegance and as its designer is saying, it has energetic, minimalist design that embodies the dynamic essence of this awesome sports car.

Is it going to be a surprise when I tell you that Mini Superleggera Vision is electric car? Well, it is. And I know that buzzing electric motor and power limitation of the battery are pretty annoying for a typical gearhead, but you can`t blame them for trying. As I said in the title, a perfect gift for your girlfriend. Watch the video and see what I`m talking about.

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Enjoy the video below!

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