2015 Corvette Z06 Spy Shots! You Must See This Beauty!

We are more than delighted to inform you that, according to our resources, the 2015 Corvette Z06 is about to make its grand first appearance at the North American International Auto Show, that will take place in Detroit, from 13-26 January, 2014. But the 2014 Corvette is not the only waiting in line to be driven. There are more Corvettes preparing to leave the factory and leave you breathless, like the Z06.

Thanks to Chris Doane Automotive, we are able to demonstrate you how the new 2015 Z06 shall look like through some spy pics, taken recently. Nevertheless, we still cannot offer you the heart of the matter, for a very simple reason. We don`t know it ourselves. Therefore, the fundamentals are yet to be discovered.

Enjoy the video below!


Now take a closer look at this beauty. But, be careful because you may be amazed by the new, enormous cross-drilled brake rotors, multi-spoke wheels and massive black calipers. They are probably carbon ceramic. The tires are wider than the last Z06`s tires.

The end of the grille opening has some modifications done in comparison with the standard Corvettes. On the other hand, the supercharger, yes the Z06 version has one, is plated to receive a 6.2L LT4, boosting an amazing 600 to 650 horses.

 And some additional info: Sit still, cause we are about to tell you about the launch of the 2015 Corvette Z06 at the beginning of 2015 model year. By then we will surely have plenty of details on this car`s specifications, so stay tuned!  For the end check the slide show video with the 2015 Corvette on the track!

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