Fast 2011 Mopar Challenger with 8.4-liter Drag Pak!

The raceway this car runs the tests at has a really catchy name, NO PROBLEM! The man making this video gives us a thorough walk around than a peak of the interior and all of a sudden BOOM! The engine is right in front of you. Afterwards we see the power demonstration of that V10 engine by warming up with a burnout! Later, we see this beast running on the track where it shows everything it has, giving some fine results. This 2011 Mopar Challenger finishes the tests in style, crossing the finish line in less than 9.5 seconds with a speed of almost 145 miles per hour!

The 2011 Mopar Challenger Drag Pak includes an 8.4L 512 cubic/inch engine joined by a two-speed automatic transmission.

Mopar unveiled this drag racing car at the Dodge Viper Owner`s Invitational event in Salt Lake City. After this event, the vehicles went to the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show in Las Vegas and PRI (Performance Racing Industry) show in Orlando.

One of the best articles ever written on this monster on this link!

Mopar's V10 challenger 000 drag pack