2000+ HP Ford GT: Texas Mile Record – 278 mph! Take A Look At This Ford GT Record!

As you know there are high-horsepower sports cars and then there is a FORD GT. This one is made by M2K Motorsports and it blasted at the Beeville, Texas 1 mile course where it set a record of 278 mph -- 20 mph more than the previous record. A marvelous Ford GT record!

The video below is full of power and speed that is particularly appreciated by Blue Oval fans. However, no matter which brand is your favorite, you simply cannot deny the truth. And the fact that this vehicle managed to reach 278 miles per hour is totally true and caught on tape.

However, you may wonder how did this Ford GT manage to break the record? You may know that the M2K GT is legal to be driven on the streets. And it is equipped with a twin turbo charged purpose built V8 Accufab Racing! There is a report by Evo that this GT`s engine was producing 2000HP during the world breaking run! In comparison, the stock GT is “only” able to produce 500 HP! No wonder we witness a Ford GT record here!

As we mentioned before, this record breaking event happened at the Texas Mile. And this is the perfect place to unleash a power such as this monstrous GT! The Texas Mile event is run on an airport runway which is located in Beevile, Texas. However, the danger always exists on an airstrip like this. Because of cross winds the cars can become very hard to control under high speeds.

Albeit this video ends when the people start cheering, that little fraction of their reaction says a lot. Also, we have asked ourselves what could happen if there was more road? Would this vehicle manage to reach even greater speeds of it would just run out of gas? What`s your opinion on this?

This is one hell of a Ford GT record! Therefore, enjoy the sound of it in the video bellow.

At last, take a moment to see the Ford GT in a Top Gear episode by following this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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