1969 CHEVY CAMARO Built By Dick Harrell at 2016 SEMA SHOW! A True Vintage Beauty!

Here we go with one of our personal favorites, that we`ve had the pleasure to see and record during our visit at this year`s SEMA, a classic 1969 Chevy Camaro. It`s one of those specimens that has the power to get under your skin, regardless of the fact if you are a big time Camaro fan, or not. It`s enough to only truly love and appreciate the vintage American muscle cars, especially the examples from the period of the late 60`s, and the early 70`s. And if that`s the case, this `69 Camaro will win your heart in a second!

From what we could`ve found out about this stunning product of the Classic Industries, it began its life as a Camaro SS 396. But once it got in a possession of Dick Harrell (aka. “Mr. Chevrolet”), it was quickly converted into something a bit more powerful.

Amongst the numerous upgrades and custom components this Chevy Camaro received, there was the new iron-block 427 cubic inch motor, mated to a ZL1-spec camshaft. And when it comes to its body, although there were some changes, the builders tried to maintain that classic look, without going to much into another direction!

And the final result is simply stunning, if you ask us, as big time fans of the vintage American muscles. But, you better check out the video yourselves, and see what you make of it! And for those amongst you who want to learn something more about this classic 1969 Chevy Camaro, go to this link.