1969 DuPont Chevy Camaro Silver: Smooth Like Silk!

The owner of this amazing 1969 Dupont Chevy Camaro, Jeff  has built a lot of Chevys over the last years. The short list is a 1955 210 sedan, 1967 Nova,  1967 Chevelle, 1968 Pro Touring Camaro, 1972 Cheyenne, all original 1969 SS350 Camaro… So, now he decided to work on something at the next level inspired by the smooth styling.



First of all Jeff located a one owner of ‘69 Camaro in pristine condition in Pennsylvania. He started to work on a body, interior, suspension, engine, wheels, equipment…with many different specialists and tuning houses. Maybe the best of his choices is the  Dart aluminum 540″ big block together with Dart forged crank, rods and pistons, joined by a set of alloy heads (Dart DT-10).

The body of this ’69 Chevy was sprayed in DuPont silver color and the interior was wrapped with bright red baby soft leather. The front seats are creation of “Fiero” , air control system is by Ridetech and the sound system is by Alpine.

Finally, what do you think of this Camaro?

1305-1969-chevy-camaro-red-interior 1305-1969-chevy-camaro-front-view 1305-1969-chevy-camaro-engine-view-2 1305-1969-chevy-camaro-red-interior-view


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