What Do You Think Of This 1965 Pontiac Hurst GTO?!

What Ted Nelson of Extreme Car Transformations had in mind when building this `65 Hurst GTO, was creating a GTO that shall drive and perform like a true Corvette.


This concept was already tried in the past, but never to these boundaries. Ted was building more than just a suspension and a Corvette driveline. He included all of the Corvette`s technology such as: ABS, speed proportional power steering, OnStar navigation system, electronic brake distribution, traction control as well as the interior dressing. When it comes to the exterior Nelson wanted it to look more like a GTO, but once you get inside, you instantly get the feeling that you are in a brand new Corvette.

Finally, see why the GTo stands out from Camaros or Stangs!

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