1957 Famoso Chevy! A Great Stance and Style Lesson!

1957 Famoso Chevy 2

It is usually said that confidence is what makes a woman beautiful. Well, in the auto-dictionary the right attitude is what makes you not to take your eyes of the car. Regardless of whether we are talking about trunk, racing car, gasser or sedan, the car`s attitude is the thing that makes this car desirable. Well, the 1957 Famoso Chevy owned by Mr. Randy Winkle has the attitude we are talking about.

Mr. Winkle says that he made few adjustments to the car so it is able to climb the Speedway leaf springs and to have its weight transferred on the back wheels. Besides the performance, Mr. Winkle has paid attention to the external appearance, too. The gasser is more beautiful than most of the cars in this category all over the world.

Mr. Randy and his team were definitely very clear about what their goal is and they have successfully achieved it. The external appearance of the `57 Chevy is just perfect. Everything is here and everything is so smooth and glossy. The color is also taken into consideration.

Now, let`s talk a bit about the technical components. Well, first of all this car has rather good suspension. It also features Littlefield supercharger, Hilborn scoop and 2 Demon carbs, all of these being incorporated in the blown Big Block. Unlike the exterior, these elements are not so shiny and visually attractive. There was not so much need for taking care of making the car lighter. But, Famoso Speed Shop took the car to a higher level. For a second, I will go back to the exterior because I would really want to add that this car has so many decorating details, including a hand-painted logo of the sponsor. The exterior makes this car one of the most carefully and most beautifully carved vehicles ever.

1957 Famoso Chevy 5

The interior is not something special. You should make a bit effort to enter the cage, but when you do that, you feel rather good. The speakers are very good and there is a pair added in the back of the car, as well. Black vinyl would be the perfect color for the interior, but other colors are suitable, too.

The red glass of the windows is rather peculiar. As for the gauges, only the most essential ones were connected. Mr. Randy has done a great job putting all these parts together and giving so much great attitude to the Famoso Chevy.

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