1937 Bugatti 57SC Can Be Bought For $9.7 Million At Amelia!

Some of you are familiar with the `37 Bugatti 57SC. For those of you who are not, all you need to know is that this beauty is probably the most valuable car to be sold at auction by Bugatti! The bodywork is familiar to almost every Gearhead eye. It is the work of Vanden Plas, the British coachbuilder!

1937 Bugatti 57SC 5

1937 Bugatti 57SC 8

The 1937 Bugatti 57SC was valued at $11 – 13 million as it headed to Amelia Island! However, it “only” got to $9.735.000 as the auctioneer named it the most valued Bugatti ever to be sold at auction! Check out the gallery below to see this old timer beauty!

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