Fantastic 1936 Silver Arrow Formula 1 With V 16 C Type Engine!

Check out this unbelievable 1936 Silver Arrow Formula 1 With V16 C Type Engine: R.I.P Headphone Users! This thing sounds wicked awesome!

Have you ever wanted to be able to go back in time? Well, we have that power for a very short time! Wanna join us? We are going to take you to a race taking place in 1936! Or at a festival held couple of years ago featuring old school racing cars from 1936! The technique is maybe modern, but the car`s body and the people`s clothes are suitable for the 30s! It`s really nice when people are trying to recreate events from the past to see how it looked like! Sadly we can`t see this car racing, so we have to satisfy only with the sound of a V16. Fair enough!

Finally, learn more about it on the official website!

Enjoy the video below!

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