Barcelona Witnessed 1000 BHP & 1000 Nm Electric Car – VOLAR E!

The capital city of the Spanish province Catalonia, had the opportunity to see the new magnificent electric car in person as it runs their streets! The Spanish engineering company called APPLUS + IDIADA officially showed us the electric prototype – VOLAR E! The car was shown at the Circuit de Catalunya while the F1 days in Barcelona were going on.

This car is truly impressive and was built for the EC (European Commission), and was based, apparently, on the RIMAC CONCEPT ONE! This super car can reach an acceleration point of 3.4 s for 0 – 62 miles per hour!

On the other hand, it can pass the 1/4 mile in 10.3 s, while reaching its top speed of amazing 186 miles per hour in 12 seconds! This impressive ride has all carbon fiber body over tubular steel chassis. To achieve its performance figures Volar E uses a FWD system and delivers 1000 HP with 737 ft/lb of TORQUE!

The company that built this e – car, was funded by the European Commission, and the results are visible! It really is amazing to see the VOLAR – E in action, so in that matter, we suggest you watch the video!

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