Rinspeed Etos World Premiere Is Near! 5-8 January At The CES!

All the car manufacturer`s roads lead to Vegas where RINSPEED Etos is about to present the future! Of course, self-driving cars are on topic again! This time, we`ll have the honor to see the hybrid sports car -- “Ʃtos”! The car itself, however, will be first-class, of course!

rinspeed etos future cover

rinspeed etos future 8

The technology behind the project is amazing! Starting from the interior, we have no doubt in the ZF TRW steering wheel! The exterior cameras, on the other hand, give a visual monitoring of the vehicle`s surrounding! Also, the elegancy of the “Ʃtos”, based on the tech basis of the BMW i8, guarantees the “Ʃtos” to be a fast racer!

However, follow this link for more information!