WOW! Color Changing Car Paint!

This new technology paint changes color on this car. It allows the owner to change the color only by adjusting the voltage sent throughout the body of this ride. Check the video and share your opinion with us.

Enjoy the video below!

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5 thoughts on “WOW! Color Changing Car Paint!

  1. a

    the photoshop changed color of this car as well as the reflection in the headlight, not mentioning the SEAT covers also… the whole video is a fake and time waste. Get real…

  2. Nat

    OMG that’s awesome.

  3. ASH

    it’s called.. .. .. Adobe After effects 😉

  4. Brent

    it’s a hoaxes why would the body reflector change color at the same time
    and if it were true then it could be used to evade authorities they would be looking for a green
    car and the driver would change it to Gold. This is a fun idea but if true spells trouble
    and once more what’s up with the side reflector or turn signal changing color

  5. Rich

    Yikes! Great! Awesome!

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