Joe Johnson’s Twin Turbo Chevelle – MY DREAM CAR!

We now have the honor to take a close look of one of the best personal rides Joe Johnson has to offer! A part of being the key player of the Brooklyn Nets and one of the best NBA players, Joe Johnson has a great taste in cars, obviously! When he takes a break of being the leading shooting guard, he jumps into his Twin Turbo Chevelle and takes it for a spin! Of course, that would not be the same if he didn`t put some class in it.

This American Muscle hides a twin turbo LS engine under the hood to make sure that the speed and sound never come into question! All that, accompanied with some great Forgiato rims to make this MONSTER all inclusive! 20 inches upfront and 22 inches in the rear for the awesome look! Our friend Joe is being responsible as well, great speed is being observed by great Disc Brakes so we can be sure that this beast could never get Johnson in trouble! The interior on the other hand is all custom made and there is no reason to doubt Johnson`s taste. So, check out Joe Johnson personal toy!

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