Want to Learn to Drift on a Rain? Here Is A Nice Tutorial With Supra!

We constantly admire the skills of some of the greatest car drifters in the world and idolize some of them, like Ken Block – and with every right, I must add. These guys are inspiration to learn how to become better drivers, drifters and learn some of their tricks or two…

And drifting is a special driving skill that each and every one of us would like to learn it as good as possible and try to perform it with our own car.

But as I`m sure that most of you have already (at least) tried to do it, carefully watching how guys like Ken Block, or Tanner Frost doing it, I`m also sure that you though about doing it in a rainy road condition.

And that is a really tricky part of it all, and really dangerous.

That is why in today`s post we are giving you this video of guy drifting his Toyota Supra on a wet curvy road, with a lot of traffic signs along the way. So watch carefully how this guy is swaying back and forth across the road, thanks to his excellent driving skills. Obviously a driver that is hard to be matched in his driving skills.

Therefore this is a perfect educational video.

Enjoy the video below!

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