Want to Learn to Drift In THe Rain? Nice Water Drifting Tutorial!

We constantly admire the skills of some of the greatest car drifters in the world and idolize some of them, like Ken Block – and with every right, I must add. These guys are inspiration to learn how to become better drivers, water drifting masters and learn some of their tricks or two…

And drifting is a special driving skill that each and every one of us would like to learn it as good as possible and try to perform it with our own car.

But as I`m sure that most of you have already (at least) tried to do it, carefully watching how guys like Ken Block, or Tanner Frost doing it, I`m also sure that you though about doing it in a rainy road condition.

And that is a really tricky part of it all, and really dangerous.

That is why in today`s post we are giving you this video of guy water drifting his Toyota Supra on a wet curvy road, with a lot of traffic signs along the way. So watch carefully how this guy is swaying back and forth across the road, thanks to his excellent driving skills. Obviously a driver that is hard to be matched in his driving skills.

Therefore this is a perfect educational video. Finally, check out the best drifting videos on the net!

Enjoy the video below!

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