EPIC!!! Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split With Van Damme!

We all know who Jean Claude Van Damme is and what has he done on the film screen. He probably is the hero of many generations that are capable of driving nowadays. This collaboration between Volvo and Van Damme presents an unprecedented endeavor. And the actor himself states that this is the most epic split ever! But what is the purpose of this commercial? With this test, the vehicle manufacturer wants to exemplify the capabilities of their newest technology. It is called Volvo Dynamic Steering that gives precision and directional stability to the vehicle, making it easier to drive. This is the world`s first such technology.

Watch now the superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme splitting his legs between two Volvo trucks. Van Damme says it is the most epic of splits. Please share and comment your thoughts!

Enjoy the video below!

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