EPIC!!! Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split With Van Damme!

We all know who Jean Claude Van Damme is and what has he done on the film screen. He probably is the hero of many generations that are capable of driving nowadays. This collaboration between Volvo and Van Damme presents an unprecedented endeavor. And the actor himself states that this is the most epic split ever! But what is the purpose of this commercial? With this test, the vehicle manufacturer wants to exemplify the capabilities of their newest technology. It is called Volvo Dynamic Steering that gives precision and directional stability to the vehicle, making it easier to drive. This is the world`s first such technology.

Watch now the superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme splitting his legs between two Volvo trucks. Van Damme says it is the most epic of splits. Please share and comment your thoughts!

Enjoy the video below!

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5 thoughts on “EPIC!!! Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split With Van Damme!

  1. Miroslav Matula

    What is the name of the song ? 😀

    1. Nawaz

      Song is Enya – only time

    2. Bro

      Only time by Enya

  2. Paul Brown

    yeah great…I’ve driven B-Doubles with Volvo prime movers…they’re getting better all the time..Sydney-Adelaide-Melbourne…Australia
    but at a time when media is telling kids to stop riding on the outsides of trains & cars or in the back of utes?
    how long before we see a copycat on youtube?
    You’d do better to show a driver eating a pie that’s too hot, while driving…in a volvo the ride is fairly smooth (depending what road you’re on) and you can still eat without wearing it…BUT …in a Cab-over Kenworth, the ride is worth-nothing,no matter what road you’re on and you get scalded by wearing the hot pie instead,the thing goes everywhere and in the end you MUST stop…or burn…
    PLEASE..stop making trucks so we’ve got to “climb” into them and all over them to unhook..
    I have had 2 shoulder surgeries, both ankles are knackered,both knees are tired..I’m 46 and been driving trucks for about 15yrs…..
    STEPS… to enter (like Freightliner Argosy)
    PUT air fittings (trailer) at side corner of cab, so they can be reached without leaving the ground (bad knees & ankles)
    PULL handle for turntable should be air operated from the same place as the air hoses (bad shoulders remember)
    SUNVISORS should be one blind ,like on coach busses….should be able to reach the dash for when bunk is in use..?
    RE-ENGINEER an outer rim for the turntable, to stop kingpin from dropping from primemover if it hasn’t been hooked up properly, would also prevent damage to truck and trailers
    STORK controlled air bag system is the best for yard trucks…well done…
    next…hi vis seatbelts?
    built it cameras and flash card or usb recording
    uhf antenna on front roof edge (with sensor) that can be adjusted to trailer height, to give audible warning of low obsticles , bridges, powerlines etc

  3. For everybody who wants to know… the song named: Enya – Only Time


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