TUG OF WAR: It’s Always More Fun When Truck Breaks (Unless it is Your Own Truck of Course)

There is something about the way rednecks are doing things that almost always makes us laugh and gives an opportunity to watch someone making a fool out of himself. And when we come across a video of tug of war, most of the times it is clear from the start that things are not going to end up as they should. Thus, the following video that we have prepared in this post is no different! Therefore, get ready to see a tug of war where one truck breaks in the end! We feel kind of sorry for the broken red Ford pickup truck. This was a really pointless way of breaking it, but hey, at least his owner had fun! But we have got to tell you right away that it is not going to become much more clear what actually happened here and what went wrong with this `ultimate Ford pickup truck face off` when you are done with watching the video.

It is happening somewhere in Ohio, where guys are trying to organize a tug of war between two pretty good looking Ford truck (we can not tell for sure, but it looks like one of it is 7.3 liter powerstroke diesel and the other one, 6.4 model), when something went wrong with the 6.4 and (probably) its engine shot down. But according to the redneck philosophy, it is actually more fun when they break. Whatever happened, one thing is certain. The truck breaks and the tug of war ended! From what we can see, it was the tires on the broken Ford truck that put it at such a disadvantage. As you can see, it has mud terrain tires, and they are doing the tug of war on a parking lot! We just hope the driver learned his lesson.

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Enjoy the video below!

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