You Will NOT Believe THIS! Coga Truck With A Dragon Under The Hood vs Chevy Corvette!

Unusual races can get anyone`s attention! Most of us are used to cars of similar power and class racing throughout the world. On the other hand, you cannot see the racing capabilities of a Coga truck every day! That is correct, a Coga truck is the star of the video we have for you guys today! What would you say if we showed you another unconventional drag race? We assume you would say: why not! Bring it on! If so, here it is. A muscle car against a smoke factory! Wait, what? Yeah, that`s right! A Vette vs a semi-truck that looks like a smoke factory with all that smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes! Maybe the automobile wanted to leave the same effect on the crowd by burning its tires, but it didn`t do it as we are used to watch.

Nevertheless, it is an interesting, short intro, which gives the commencement of this race. The truck takes the lead, but maybe the car fights back. So, check out this amazing drag race between the Coga Truck vs Corvette. If you can`t jump in front of this semi, the only thing you`ll ever see is the mudflaps. The secret is to put the horsepower on the ground…Anyway, it`s not the first muscle car this truck smokes. The driver of the Chevrolet Corvette learned his lesson the hard way. We are certain that he will not be racing any trucks in the near future, especially a Coga truck! The Corvette`s driver ego had, must have been hurt really bad after this defeat! Looks are not everything a car has to offer is what we always say! You must watch the video and enjoy yourselves! You should also watch this video here for more fun: Truck vs Viper.

Finally, click here to watch an amazing 36.000 horsepower semi-truck racing with a microjet plane!


8 thoughts on “You Will NOT Believe THIS! Coga Truck With A Dragon Under The Hood vs Chevy Corvette!

  1. M T L

    is that all ?

  2. David

    The coga has some awesome power and torque,

  3. lada

    video error

    1. Johnny

      Have another try Lada 🙂 It works

  4. Cohen

    Gotta say, this isn’t fair. The viper wheelspinned to the moon after the start. Had the driver been a little more careful on the throttle then the coga would’ve had a lot more trouble beating it.

    1. Rich

      ummm Viper… yeah ok…

  5. andrew

    A toyota prius could beat that chevy, put it up against a mitsubishi evo and see what happens

    1. Rich

      You ricers are funny

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