TRUCK DRAG RACE: The One And Only 71 Sébastien Gagnon COGA vs 13 Vincent Couture In A Magnificent Clash!

The amazing world of drag racing! In this amazing time we live in, people are more creative as ever, and will race literally everything! You can find every kind of vehicles testing its strength on the dragstrip. From beer coolers to lawn mowers. What a great era for drag racing indeed. And this time we have one pretty wild truck drag race! The ultimate truck drag race that we are definitely positive will leave you all jaw dropped!

This truck drag race happened in Quebec, Canada. And Quebec was truly a host of one very wild and dangerous truck drag race! This event is a huge manifestation of everything Big Rig! Fully loaded semi-trucks are racing on an insane ¼ mile!

What an amazing spectacle this is! Canadians sure have a sense of entertainment and exotic racing! Because, to see fully loaded semi-trucks hauling their front wheels off of the ground, is one hell of a spectacle! A real redneck race for the ages!

These trucks are super heavy on their own, let alone with a trailer attached! We estimate them to pull around 45000 pounds! Because of that extreme weight they are pulling, the front wheels of these trucks go up! God damn it! How much horsepower do these semi-trucks have? 2000?!

But we can`t stop but wonder, how safe is this really? It`s astonishing how close to the dragstrip these spectators are! Canadians sure don`t mind a bit of danger! And to talk about burned fuel, there is A LOT here! These massive beastly trucks are letting out one immense cloud of black smoke! And the Canadians love it!

However, we are sure the green environmentalists are not going to like this video. The pollution these beastly trucks are producing will utterly horrify them! They prove to be cold weathered rednecks! Real automotive enthusiasts!

We think they need to bring this sport to the U.S! Do you agree?
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