The KING Of Peterbilt Trucks! TRUCK vs VIPER: Is There A Dragon Under That Truck’s Hood?

We have seen many drag races where the underdog had beaten the front runner! TO be honest, these “winners” were only underdogs in the first place when we didn`t know they were modded. However, it is always nice when the odds are beaten. The “underdog” here is what we call the KING of Peterbilt Trucks and you will see why!

From the title of this article, you can easily assume who is going to be the winner of this insane drag race! However, the power of that truck is so insane that it will leave you speechless for a few moments! Yeah, maybe it`s not a fair race, but sometimes even the most popular supercars must learn the lesson that they are not amongst the fastest vehicles in the world of Gearheads.

best out of Peterbilt Trucks probably weighs at least as 10 Vipers and right after you see it dominating the drag strip, you will ask yourself is there a monster or maybe a DRAGON under its hood? In our opinion, this massive monster has at 15L displacement + 60psi of boost and that`s the main reason why it is incredibly fast! The lucky owner is coming from Maniwaki, Québec! His name is Nicolas Gagnon and he must be proud of the king of Peterbilt trucks that can easily deliver around 2800 HP! I had a chance to see Nicolas in action and trust me this is one really amazing truck that can take about anything. To share the awesome experience, click on the video below and watch how this poor Viper got destroyed by one of the most powerful trucks in existence. To be honest, the Viper driver did not really show some skills as he could have easily gone out track!

Finally, follow this link to see some semi-trucks drag race and roll coal!


50 thoughts on “The KING Of Peterbilt Trucks! TRUCK vs VIPER: Is There A Dragon Under That Truck’s Hood?

  1. S Brooks

    Oh Hell Yes.

    1. david smith

      Yeah if he would not of missed gears he would beat that truck! That’s the way to go when you round the corners, it would of been a closer run! The motorcycle just getting in the way…

  2. yeah

    yeah, that truck is really fast, but the start of the viper was really really bad

    1. J Rob

      I would have a bad start too with a motorcycle 2 feet from me.

    2. perryc003

      Bad start ya.. but never gained once he got ahold of it… diesel…. unlimited capabilities lol


      that’s awesome truck! wow

  3. mhmmmm

    This is nice and all but that viper would have man handled that truck IF the driver wasn’t that bad.

    1. wwildman

      Ok let’s do it again after all the truck is triple the weight of that viper

    2. François Clouthier

      Sorry to let you down Dude , but if you think you are so good with a car, put your money on the table and get yourself a Viper and GO try Coga out for yourself , you will be very surprise , He will wipe you out .

  4. Brandon

    Next thing we know we will have trucks wrapped around trees.

    Why did paul walker cross the road?
    He wasnt wearing his seatbelt.

    1. Jonathan

      You should be ashamed of yourself Brandon.

      1. Devin

        Awesome truck!

    2. chris

      Dude, don’t make jokes about Paul Walker!

      1. marshall

        Who cares about the joke. Its a joke. If you want to cry about it go somewhere else.

    3. Zac

      Haa classic, too bad the cunts dead he probs woulda had a good laugh at that one. Oh wait…..

    4. Nate

      Lol, but that was mean.

    5. Morgan

      Hahaha funny joke

  5. Nate

    diesel power

  6. Greg myosh

    Love it , truck really moves , viper there or not

  7. matt

    that truck has about 3000hp. so no matter what the viper would not touch it !

  8. alex smith

    dam I bet you smokey from smokey and the bandit had 1 of these

    1. Weston

      That would be snow man….

  9. Letnarr, Roberto

    Muito bom, parceiro, acelera ai o bruto…….

  10. Mr Roboto

    And a Ferry has about 40000hp.., You mean it would smoke that truck like nothin’? Get real…

  11. Alex

    Goes to show that Vipers are a waste of money, NOWW…lets try that race with a Nissan GTR 🙂

    1. ChevyBoy

      Who Cares about Nissans, how about an actual drag car.

    2. G

      The Lexus LFA beats out a Nissan GTR

  12. Mr Black

    Its all about traction and torque, which the Truck has far more of than the viper did. Nothing against the viper, simply it could not out power something built to handle massive loads of cargo and still keep decent speed. With no load to pull, its no wonder that truck can pick up and go like that.

  13. That guy

    Lol that truck is fast!

  14. mannsteve

    Can I put that engine in my Mazda 626? Please? And frankly I hate vipers.

  15. dragon

    dam that truck is fast and guys i am not under the hood of that truck haha but i know how thy did it and its not your regular 18 wheeler i work on trucks just like this on none of the besides one iv worked on has that much power under the hood

  16. Liam

    Yes The car had a bad start. But you gotta remember that the person driving that semi has to let off the clutch and shift gears. He pull about 4 gears. so all in all it was far

  17. Jim

    Not only did the truck diver had to shift a lot, those truck transmissions can’t be power shifted. You have to either double clutch them or let off the gas pedal between shifts. These torque monsters are awesome, I’ve seen them lift one front wheel off the ground, twisting the frame as the ran the quarter mile.

  18. The G.I.N.

    Diesel + turbo= torque/hp/speed hell yeah…..thats just the way it is. My 2006 dodge mega cab eats camaros and mustangs all day. Not to mention force feeds little rice mobiles black smoke.

  19. S. Ritesh

    This seems fake..


      you should watch the other video then he’s loaded in the other one

  20. Robert griego

    Is everyone blind??? Do you not see the motorcycle leave early and drift towards the car? That was all the difference.

    1. ChevyBoy

      I doubt he was racing though, probably a camera crew.

  21. Anthony Mills

    Makes me think of snow man. I sure hope y’all know what I mean. If not… you’re too young…

  22. tuttle1341

    Just 60psi of boost?? Its not uncommon for hot diesels to put out 100+ on a smaller engine, such ad a 5.9 Cummins. My old stock 24valve put out over 40 after I chipped it. I can’t even speculate as to the wild amount of boost an engine like this can take…

  23. Paul van Casteren

    A viper isnt a supercar, even far from it…

  24. Joe Shmoe

    Idk guys, I watched this vid a few times and I bet that the Viper would have beat Coga out if the driver woulda warmed his tired up better. That damn Viper got almost sideways so he had to let off. That’s just common sense of racing. I’m sure the guy on the bike had to change his shorts after that run!

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Totally agree with you Joe! Thanks for the support!

  25. roy solis

    The ones talking about Paul walker he obviously wasn’t the driver…. And about the truck it still has power. And the viper did have a bike on his left but also was swerving from the start.

  26. Dean

    First of all, that’s an early 90’s viper rt10 with a 400 hp, the latest one has nearly double the power of the one shown, second, that was a terrible launch on the vipers part… Acceleration is very simply the product of power vs mass, and these two vehicles probably have a very similar power to weight ratio. The viper could probably beat the truck with a good launch, but a Semi truck with a similar horsepower to weight ratio is still pretty impressive, and at an estimated 15 liter displacement at almost 3000 hp, making nearly 200hp per liter, considering the viper is around 8 liters, making around 50 hp per liter…

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Thanks for the great comment Dean!

  27. Oh I see the bike at was a pure racing take off Lol come on now my robin relightrobin is quicker Lol.

    1. Johnny

      Hahaha 🙂 Thanks for your comment Michael!

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