The KING Of Peterbilt Trucks! TRUCK vs VIPER: Is There A Dragon Under That Truck’s Hood?

We have seen many drag races where the underdog had beaten the front runner! TO be honest, these “winners” were only underdogs in the first place when we didn`t know they were modded. However, it is always nice when the odds are beaten. The “underdog” here is what we call the KING of Peterbilt Trucks and you will see why!

Coga TRUCK vs VIPER peterbilt trucks drag race 2

From the title of this article, you can easily assume who is going to be the winner of this insane drag race! However, the power of that truck is so insane that it will leave you speechless for a few moments! Yeah, maybe it`s not a fair race, but sometimes even the most popular supercars must learn the lesson that they are not amongst the fastest vehicles in the world of Gearheads.

best out of Peterbilt Trucks probably weighs at least as 10 Vipers and right after you see it dominating the drag strip, you will ask yourself is there a monster or maybe a DRAGON under its hood? In our opinion, this massive monster has at 15L displacement + 60psi of boost and that`s the main reason why it is incredibly fast! The lucky owner is coming from Maniwaki, Québec! His name is Nicolas Gagnon and he must be proud of the king of Peterbilt trucks that can easily deliver around 2800 HP!

I had a chance to see Nicolas in action and trust me this is one really amazing truck that can take about anything. To share the awesome experience, click on the video below and watch how this poor Viper got destroyed by one of the most powerful trucks in existence. To be honest, the Viper driver did not really show some skills as he could have easily gone out track!

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