This is What the Gut of the 1200 HP GTR Monster Looks Like!

It is one thing to feel it while your inside of the car and it is totally different thing to see it, feel it and tune it when it is all alone, gutted out of the body and placed in the `lab` in order to thoroughly check it out. Therefore, we searched and looked on the internet to find a proper engine that will show off all the power of the most desirable and fastest street car in the world, the awesome 1200 hp GTR Nissan RB 30 SOHC 3 liter engine, built, constructed and tuned by JPC.

As you will see it and hear it for yourself, this `little` monster is no joke, not by far. It is the moving power of the Nissan GT-R, and it can develop incredible 1200HP on which we admire so much, and it is running on E 98 ethanol fuel. Even though highly tuned and modified, it still has a factory block and crank. However, as you can presume, there are a lot of custom job done here by JPC, like the manifolds, turbocharger, cam gear and roller rockers.

Before all of this was done, this 3250 lb engine was able to do 8.79 at 160.25mph, now, only sky is the limit. Check out the 1200 HP GTR monster!

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Enjoy the video below!

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