This Is How Flying Tanks Look Like?

The military is one of the places in which the technology should always be as advanced as it can get. They are the ones who protect our country; hereby billions of dollars are invested each year in developing every segment from it. Many awesome vehicles have been built for the use of the military and the soldiers. Despite all the serious stuff they have to go through, the soldiers are also people who simply want to have some fun as well. Hereby in this video we check out couple of flying tanks that are going to blow your mind.

This Is How Amphibious Tanks Look Like 2

Though many of you did not know, these amphibious flying tanks actually exist and we get the chance to see them in action. But you must be wondering, how could they actually fly? It seems that the military is having a sort of celebration at this port hence we can see dozens of soldiers gathered up there. Each and every one of them has a phone in their hand is taking a video of something, but what? Just seconds after we see the tanks speeding from the left and going directly towards the sea.

But if you thought that they were going to make a sharp turn to the left, you were wrong. They actually jump of the port and straight into the water. Soon after more amphibious tanks arrive and perform the same stunt. All of them can be then seen floating on the sea and heading into the opposite direction. How cool is that!

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Flying tanks 😀 😀

Posted by Off-road Society on Saturday, October 21, 2017