This Guy Is Having FUN! The Best Wheelchair Drifts You Have Ever Seen!

By some logic, everything that can roll on its wheels, should be able to make some drifts, stunts and become a source of true fun and excitement. That is the way any that any `reasonable` gearhead (should be) is thinking, right? And the video that you are about to see is a real proof that those are not just words, but a fact of life!

What we have here are a few brief moments captured on (probably) phone camera, when a wheelchair had become an inspiration for making some drifts. We can not tell you a lot about its drivers and engine specs that gives them that boost of power, but it is clear that there is no lack of enthusiasm with these disabled guys.

Just for the record, let`s make it clear that our intent is not to mock anyone, but on the contrary, we are glad to see a disabled person having a fun by making some `drifts and burnouts` with his vehicle.  So way to go guys!

Enjoy the video below!

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