The Terror Racing Tractor! Burnouts, Slides, Drift, Sound…Anyone?

Tractors were made to help out in agriculture and in construction. Apparently, this guy thought this was not enough! Instead, he decided to make a racing tractor! He called this creation “Volvo terror“, mainly because it actually uses a Volvo b21et engine.  One more reason why you must check this INSANE Terror Racing Tractor! This beast is doing Burnouts, Slides, Drift, Sound… That field will never be the same again! It received the plowing of a lifetime! If that was not enough, the driver decided to try this racing tractor on the road! The results were more than impressive! Terror the racing tractor can definitely drift! We also must praise the driver! He is just as good as the tractor itself!

We bet this guy can beat most of the local Civics around town HA HA lol. The builder of this amazing racing tractor is a Swedish native named Rickard Nilsson. Thanks to his friend and filmmaker of this video, Mikael Karlsson, we have this amazing video of the Volvo terror in action! It would be so nice to see this racing tractor compete with various competitors! We are positive that it will hold its ground quite nicely! This is what happens when you want a really nice ride, but your budget doesn`t allow it! Nonetheless, this racing tractor is really nice and it must be fun to own it! If you live in the countryside, having something like this can result in a LOT OF FUN! As for those who do not have anything close to this, we can only offer you this great video. Smash that play button and enjoy the Volvo terror in all its glory!

Lastly, click here to watch how this tractor overtaking a car with more than 60 mph!

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