Check out The MOST EXTREME LIFTED TRUCKS In The WORLD Exposed at SEMA! These stunning trucks are really, really cool! Seeing a show like this makes us proud Americans! Las Vegas, Nevada is great for many things, not only for all the casinos and night life! Have you ever participated in or seen a DRAG RACE or even a car SHOW? If not, do not worry, we got that covered for you! Here is a little video made at SEMA where all the best Lifted Trucks were exposed! But this footage is a little different and special since it has the WORLD`S MOST EXTREMELY LIFTED trucks, and you Ladies and Gentlemen are here to see them! If you ask us, we don`t know where to start! Many of these trucks are absolutely gorgeous, and have really nice paintjobs. Just seeing the first lifted truck in the video, a Ford F-450 was enough to make us want to share this video!

Many of the trucks even have names! We can see one Ford Super Duty truck that is named Iron Cross, and another Ford F-150 SVT Raptor named Undercover!  Furthermore, some of the lifted trucks that are shown have their axles painted! One truck has a purple chrome color on its axles, and it looks remarkably nice! To put it simply, you can find all kinds of different trucks in this video! We are certain that at least one model will impress you, so we strongly advise you to watch the video. We suppose this was enough introduction, you can now see them for yourself! This is real ART, some of these trucks are really creative, interesting and beautiful! Which one of these extreme lifted trucks was your personal favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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