The Magician Toyota JZX110! Must See, Amazing Car!

The last time we embarked on a journey in Japan we met with Yuki Takamiya`s Toyota JZX110 with four doors. It was a wonderful, unforgettable pink machine. It was an icon of the Japanese grassroots podium. After 5 years we got to see this vehicle again. It was absolutely the same. There were no changes, no modifications, but the same old good perfect pink Toyota JZX110. The owner, on the other hand, had changed a lot since he now takes better care of the vehicle. He is now showing it only at prestigious events such as the MSC and the D1 Street Legal. He een got a first place at the Street Legal East Series. However, Takamiya- san is not striving to become one of the best drifters in Japan. He and his vehicle remain faithful to the streets of Chiba. As for the pink baby, it may seem as half lowrider and half a drift car which is somewhat true, but it is definitely 100% gorgeous.


The aero manufacturer, BN Sports and Takamiya-san have long relationship since Takamiya-san is in love with the way the team of BN Sports works. As for Takamiya`s Toyota JZX110, Mark II, it does not have a lot of stickers; it has TOO MANY stickers which is uncharacteristic, even for a car. But, you know what?! It`s magnificent. And these stickers are not put in vain. They represent logos of the shops that helped Takamiya to make this wonderful car and names of his colleagues who are drifters, too. And, few more facts about the exterior. Let`s turn to the wheels. Takamiya-san changed the previous wheels with new Volk Racing ones with the following dimensions: 18×10.5 inches for the front and 18×11 inches for the rear. As for the engine, it is a hybrid one, or more precisely, we are talking about a 1.5JZ engine which is consisted of 2JZ block and 1JZ head.

The shop KarZ was responsible for the mechanical part of the work, while Takamiya`s friend Kasai-san took the responsibility for the interior. The customized cage was made by Saito Roll Cage. Even though, as we said, this is a drift car, and, even though, the rear passenger zone was completely got rid of, this car is very good for traditional street ride, too. Iit has its gauges, all placed in the perfect order and a good stereo system. Having the possibility to meet this car is like having the possibility to finally get acquainted with your high-school crush. Takamiya has great plans with this car. We are going to spoil the surprise, but we are just going to say that in near future this car will no longer be pink, but will nevertheless look as stunning as it does now!

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