Traffic Rage Is Big In This Pissed Off Cummins Truck Driver! Do Not Brake Check Him!

Depending from state to state, traffic cultures are different. However, we have probably all witnessed angry drivers behind the wheels. Sometimes, we have been the traffic rage monsters, we have to admit that! However, this video that you are about to see is the ultimate title winner of every traffic rage monsters! This guy totally loses his nerves as he starts endangering other people`s lives!

As one of our dads use to say: I know the fool sitting from this side of the wheel, I don`t know the fool sitting on the other side. The video below fully corresponds with the aforesaid. So, what do we have here today? There is this guy with a Cummins, pissed off by some things which are not things that should bent you out of shape so easily. We have to admit it to him that he had a pretty bad day. Fought with his mom, fought with his girlfriend… However, that`s not the reason to start spreading traffic rage all around! But this guy is a weak character. Anyway, he describes why he is in such mood. In the meantime another vehicle shows up in front of his truck and politely brake checks him. But our little rascal didn`t get the message and started hitting the other vehicle. Boooo!

And it would probably be OK if it happened once. But this guy repeatedly hit the other vehicle as his parts started to fly! We think that the other vehicle`s rear bumper is history. And so is the driver`s health. Bet he had been frightened to death when the truck driver started hitting him! It`s a little suspicious why his friends made a video of this and released it on YouTube, but who cares anyway?

Check out this ROAD RAGE from this summer with the Truck Driver!
Finally, if you want to see one of China`s biggest traffic jams, follow this link!


31 thoughts on “Traffic Rage Is Big In This Pissed Off Cummins Truck Driver! Do Not Brake Check Him!

  1. Raymond Shelton

    This guy should lose his license to drive anything for life

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Totally agree with you Raymond!

    2. Mr speaker

      maybe buddy shouldn’t have break checked him i think that guy deserved it 🙂

      1. BLah BLah

        i completely agree, the guy pulled out in front of him when he could have waited, then brake checks him when he doesnt want to slow down. All because the man pulled out and brake checked him. The guy deserved it.

    3. This guy needs to be in jail for life for this. He is NOt a TRUCK DRIVER. Get it right . A TRUCK DRIVER DRIVES FOR A LIVING A BIG RIG, a pickup is vehicle for pleasure and yes some people or companies use to go back and forth or pull small trailers. Like I said NOT A TRUCK DRIVER AND SO TIRED OF MEDIA PEOPLE NOT GETTING IT RIGHT (TRUCK DRIVER DRIVES SEMI’S NOT A P\UP)

      1. Thank you Brenda that’s is just what I was going to say.There is a big difference between a truck and a pickup.

  2. Marvin

    Driver has problems

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Definitely he has a problem…in his head.

  3. Mike Oxlong


  4. Easy

    Come on Guys – this is totally fake – Photoshop in real life – no way in hell this is real –

  5. Bob smith

    There is no license plate on the SUV .. Some how is buddy taping at the moment ..

    1. joe

      I noticed that too, seems staged

  6. Beth

    Am I the only one that noticed an entire left lane that could’ve been used for genius’ convience? It was super nice of Sam’s friend to video his buddy engaged in full on assault with a deadly weapon! I’m sure this footage was invaluable during his criminal court hearings! Also, I have to say that “Sunny Sam” needs to pray to the gods of skinny punks and thank them that it wasn’t a Momma Bear driving that car with a baby bear in the back! 😉

  7. lala tamez

    He should be arrested and get his license revoke. What if that vehicle had flipped and someone was hurt?

  8. Nick Lavoie

    Oh if Had he done that to me…

  9. Steve

    I smell shenanigans. The little suv had a cage hooked into the hitch and you can’t see a licence plate. I think it’s all a fake.

  10. Matt

    This guys awesome! Sds? If some bodies going to brake check a person at high speeds ..The wrong expect some sort if road rage. Yea maybe this wasn’t the smartest idea but who got hurt? Nobody grow up

  11. Blake R

    Lol I know this guy. This happened in Port St. Lucie, FL.
    On village green Avenue, my hometown. I went to school with this guy…

    1. admin ( Post author )

      Thanks for the information Blake!

    2. will

      if this would of happens to me after the first hit I would of stoped in the middle of the road and got out with my firearm drawn..

      1. David Shannon

        Then he would have run you over. Terminal ballistics of an 8,000 pound truck win. The driver should go to prison for many years. All over a brake check which in many states would void your “claim of self defense” for instigating.

  12. Becky

    thats putting it very nicely! Why not simply go around instead of driving up on them? What if that was a mother with her babies in there!! Being a mother myself if you mess with my kids you just opened a different kind of crazy! I pray the ones in the blazer is okay, this punk kid needs to pay for the blazer, medical bills and then go to prison!

  13. Dan

    Ya know, he isn’t a professional stunt coordinator, doesn’t have permit to performing stunts like that, and it’s not on a closed course. So, that “Home made staged video” is illegal in itself.

    Also, had it been real, or if it’s real, come Oregon. Try that stunt here… Or try it to me…

  14. Trevor

    That girl in front of him was purposely slamming on his breaks after they cut him off. He was asking for it especially when its a big truck.

  15. Jenny

    As my husband/trucker says, the truck driver is the professional, and no matter what the car did, he should act as a professional.

  16. Mott

    The person in the truck needs to lose the right to drive!

  17. john raley

    Lol thats funny. Tell them to quit pulling out in front of people. Yal crybabies need a stay the outta the way

  18. earl

    He hasnt ran across the right person yet, his windshield would of had 13 holes in , and his friend laughing, see who would of been laughing when he hears that POP!

  19. John Andrews

    only the Amercains call a pickup a truck how dumb is that ?

  20. Oliver

    These Drivers are knowing each other. Nobody is so crazy. Have You seen that steel frame in the back of the front car? 😉

  21. Darren

    In Australia, that driver would be considered (by the law) no differently to assaulting the person in front with a gun – a car is just as much a weapon as firing a gun and in the eyes of the law, considered just as seriously. If it wasn’t staged, I really hope that guy has his pretend “truck” crushed, license removed for 10 years and some jail time. Give him time to work on those anger management issues!

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