Reggie Bush’s ’71 Chevy Chevelle SS!

Streamline designs built this amazing 1971 Chevelle SS for Reggie Bush from New Orlean Saints. As we see it, the guys know their job. The Chevelle looks exquisite. Our star, unlike others fell in love with its car. He performed a complete restoration to its baby, so that it looks as amazingly as it looks now.

This Chevelle has an LS3 Horse Power engine, equipped with 6 speed automatic. It has an air ride suspension, 6 piston wildwood truck calipers and 16″ custom wildwood brakes.  The wheels are chrome Asantis sizing 22″ at the front and 24″  24×15 at the rear end. The tires are pure Pirelli 405/25/24.

We were amazed by what this athlete did for his car. If only other take his example.

reggie bush chevelle ss 5