RC Car Chase – All Made Out of Cardboard, Spray Paint & Hot Glue! Truly Magnificent Experience!

We are dealing with true professionals here Ladies and Gentlemen -- these guys have created an AWESOME RC CAR CHASE in their own created TOWN! They truly did made a miniature scaled town! They have made buildings out of CARDBOARD and many other details as well! The chase includes two REMOTE CONTROL cars as they run the streets of this made up TOWN while a CHOPPER is following them!!! This is really AMAZINGLY done and we guarantee to you almost 2 minutes of LAUGHTER!!! Everything is present: DRIFTING, CRASHING, BLOWING HYDRANTS…

This is so amazing that as you can see we went totally ecstatic! So on a calmer note, let`s think about the recipe behind this awesome RC car chase scenario. It definitely can`t be cheap. It must have cost a lot of money to get all these things done. First thing first, you need to have some RC cars. And from the looks of it, these are no ordinary RC cars. No ordinary RC car can drift like that! So, to buy RC cars for a RC car chase… it must cost a bit!

Up next you need to do the scenery. Now the scenery may be a bit complicated to do. You need to have a good sense at production design. And we can tell by the look of the scenery that it was done by real pros. The scenery matches the mood of this RC car chase in a perfect way! That mood is enhanced by the beautiful suspenseful soundtrack! And also by the very realistic sounds of engines roaring! Awesome sound editing indeed!

Despite all of these things that doesn`t sound simple at all you need to be handy with a camera. Some great camera angles need to be set up for a great cinematography to be delivered. And that is not all, you also have to bring your script of visually impossible crashes, stunts, explosions and whatnot to realization! You think you have what it takes to do such a thing?

Check this incredible RC Car Chase All Made Out of Cardboard, Spray Paint and Hot Glue!

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