Nissan GTR DRIFT BATTLE AT STADIUM DRIFT With Drift Pilot Kris Frome!

Nissan GTR DRIFT BATTLES AT STADIUM DRIFT With Drift Pilot Kris Frome!

We feel like today is that one day when we need to chill and give ourselves in a good CAR VIDEO! What do you say about this? We would like to show you a great video where all kinds of DRIFTING CARS will battle each other! We are talking about a certain event that is definitely worth watching! You will get the chance to spend the next 5 minutes enjoying fantastic moves by certain drivers as well as listening to the perfect EXHAUST sound and TIRE BURNING! Sounds exciting, huh? Well, you know what to do! See you there!!!

P.S. Do you know what’s the body kit on that Skyline?

Check out this amazing video and please share it before you go! Awesome Show!

Anyway, ever seen this one?

Enjoy the video below!

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