Pure Brilliance! MAZDASAURUS REX Drift Message to the Entire Universe!

What we have here is a video message to the space (and beyond) about the art of drifting, a brilliant clip with Rupert Schachinger in the main role with his original Mazdasaurus Rex, powered by a rotary Turbo Engine that generates mighty 540 HP.

OK. When you think about making a video of an ultimate car driving and drifting performance, that would be send in a time capsule as legacy message for every next civilization (no matter whether it would be from this world, or from outerspace) on this planet, that would probably be Ken Block! But the thing is that Mazda and the Austrian driver Rupert Schachinger thought about it first, so they have made this great video that we have prepared for you in today`s post.

Somewhere in the Austrian Alps, at high altitude, Rupert Schachinger is getting in his special Mazdasaurus Rex, shoed with Kumho Tires and starts writing the history on the asphalt.

And the message is…well, it would not be fair if we tell you everything, right?

Enjoy the video below!

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