Police Chasing Nissan GTR Trough Traffic in Russia! Not The Outcome You Expect!

We all know how chaotic the traffic in Russia can be. More and more videos of accidents and catastrophic occurrences on the streets of Russia have been released. Driving in Russia can be pretty hazardous. Only last year 27, 025 people died in Russia by car accidents. In the USA 34,064 died, but that is a much lower number per capita. And we have yet another traffic disturbance coming from Russia. Luckily this time no one got hurt. Nevertheless, it is a very dangerous video of police chasing Nissan GTR through traffic!

We don`t know if this is a police chase right after an illegal race or because the Nissan was simply driving fast. But what we can see is that the driver behind this Nissan GTR goes in between lanes like a pro! Obviously a very skilled driver behind the wheel of that Nissan. And as we can see, the police driver is always getting stuck behind, even though they have their sirens on. And every time the police car manages to get right behind the Nissan, the GTR driver steps on the gas and makes a gap!

In this police chasing Nissan video, the GTR obviously has the upper hand. And we suppose that the Nissan is a GTR R35! So, chasing a Nissan GTR R35 is of course no joke! Because it has a V6 twin turbocharged DOHC motor that produces 463 lb-ft of torque! Meaning that, in order for the Police to catch this Nissan GTR, they would have to drive what the policemen in Dubai are driving!

We already know that the majority of the drivers in this part of the world are ready to break the rules in order to have some fun.

However, we support the police actions to remove all dangerous drivers from the public roads. And luckily in this police chasing Nissan case, justice wins! But not because the police were faster, but because the Nissan driver opted to reduce his speed and stop!

CHECK This Police Chase Of Nissan GTR in Russia!

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